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Interesting links from around the world.

The Killing of Renisha McBride

Let me set the scene, Detroit 1:00am, a 19 year old intoxicated black girl crashes her car, walks four blocks to a white man’s house and bangs on the door, the white man comes to the door holding his shot gun and shoots her in the face through the screen. If you did not just have a jaw-agape moment, you are completely insane. This should make you very angry. (via The New Yorker)

What Neuroscience Says About the Link Between Creativity and Madness

A lot apparently. Some dimensions of a creative person’s personality may make them more susceptible to schizophrenia and many other diseases. However, creatives should rejoice, not all creative types are susceptible to madness just like not all crazy people are particularly creative. In observation, most of them are particularly creative but, you know, crazy. (via Fast Company)

In the N.B.A., ZIP Code Matters

The Sixers lead the Atlantic division and if that didn’t shake the bedrock of your perception, most NBA stories start out with a kid from a broken home that uses tireless basketball practice on public courts to elevate himself from poverty. But the reality is very different. Sure there are the LBJs and Iversons but it turns out most NBA players come from much higher socioeconomic backgrounds. Cementing the truth that “hunger” is trumped by “money” nearly every time. (via The New York Times)

Michael Jordan’s Residence, Highland Park, IL. (video)

In other basketball news, Bobcat’s majority owner Michael Jordan is auctioning off his Chicago mansion to the highest bidder this Friday (11/22/13). Let me get my checkbook…

A Yellow Card

As the 2014 World Cup looms, sensationalist journalism links two decapitations to a 100% chance that you will have your head cut off if you travel to Brazil for the World Cup. Wait a minute… those two murders had nothing to do with the World Cup, other than maybe the World Cup preparation making things much worse in Brazil. Funny how that works. (via Grantland)

Amor y Amargo

One of my favorite odd little watering holes in New York City. Amor y Amargo translates to Love and Bitters. I first stumbled into AyA a few years ago and learned all of their quirky rules, no vodka, also sometimes no A.C., but a tremendous love for an eyedroppers worth of drink seasoning. They do it right, this is a connoisseurs drinking hole. (via The New Yorker)

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