Lazy Sundays


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By: Dale

Yours truly is back in the saddle for today’s Lazy Sundays. 

Study: Why Pot Smokers are Skinnier

Some good news concerning marijuana users, pot has been linked to a decrease in obesity. While researchers aren’t sure exactly how or why it happens they theorize it has something to do with marijuana aiding in insulin control. Go ahead and have those extra 600 calories a day, your body will figure it out for you. (via the Atlantic)

Why Do Today’s Fashion Brands All Want to be Content Creators?

Everybody’s doing it, fashion brands today are all looking for a better way to advertise and content creation is leading the way. Why sell a pair of pants when they can sell you an idea? Each brand is creating their own identity and breaking through the clutter by developing stories that their customers can relate and buy in to. Just look at leading menswear retailers like Mr. Porter and Opening Ceremony where editorial is just as important as product. Welcome to the future. (via Highsnobiety)

Sepp Blatter Blames U.S. and England for FIFA Arrests

The most powerful man in sports shifted blame for the recent FIFA arrests to the U.S. and England after winning his 5th term as FIFA president. While I’m sure there are some salty feelings after the two world powers were beat out in their quests to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup’s, I think the arrests had more to do with the rampant corruption than sour grapes… (via The New York Times)

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