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By: Celton Agpoon

Read this outside, it’s beautiful.

The Man Who Broke the Music Business

It’s only natural for people to want the cheapest freest option when it comes to acquiring music. The dawn of online music piracy started with Dell Glover, an employee at a Universal compact disk manufacturing plant. His interest in technology and the nascent Internet culture would eventually lead him to become a member of the file sharing group called RNS (Rabid Neurosis). With his connections and access to music at Universal, he became the top and leading leaker for pre-released music. He believed in the file sharing community’s code for leaking material not for financial gain, but rather as a badge of honor for being the first to supply it. Glover is responsible for significantly changing the landscape of the music industry years later. (via The New Yorker)

Life After Avocado Toast: Or the Questionable Morality of Foodie Culture

I’m sure you’ve seen your friends and many others on your Instagram feed post artsy and aesthetically pleasing pictures of various avocado dishes, where it is neatly arranged and plated, with immaculate lighting. It looks beautiful and appetizing at the same time. Recently, foodies and the foodie culture have proliferated the avocados’s popularity and demand. When you combine this huge demand for avocados and the recent ongoing drought in California, the prices will climb and continue to rise. What was once a affordable nutritious fruit available to everyone, is now too expensive for the poor in many Latin American countries in which this is a staple in their diets. This has also happened to kale, collards, and quinoa as well— healthy foods that have become too trendy and newly expensive, to the point where eating well and nutritious is fast becoming a luxury. (via Brooklyn Magazine)

Stephen Curry: The Full Circle

Steph Curry is a household name to even the most casual followers of the NBA. His jumpshot and 3 point shooting ability are uncanny and something to behold. This is his family’s story and the lore behind a single shabby basketball hoop in Virginia that produced two generations of basketball greats, including the NBA’s new golden boy. Steph’s legend is growing larger and larger, this season alone he has been adding to that lore by putting up MVP worthy stats, re-defining the point guard position, and by helping the Golden State Warriors, who were perennial  non-contenders, to championship favorites. (via ESPN)

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