Lazy Sundays


Here’s a collection of a a few great things from the Internet last week. Oh, and Happy 4th.

Why Computers Won’t Be Replacing You Just Yet

What will amount to “wishful thinking” in a decade or two, computers still can’t create as well as they can predict with big data. They are getting remarkably good at guessing which retweet is more popular but that hasn’t allowed them to create tweets that are more popular. They probably left out #skynet. (via NY Times)

How to Freak Out About Millennials in a Statistically Responsible Manner

Surprise, surprise, Millennials don’t own houses. We rent houses, apartments, rooms, basements, but what we don’t do is own any of those domiciles. I bet you it’s because most of us don’t make enough money to own houses, apartments, rooms, basements, etc. (via The Atlantic)

Meet The Scientist Who Might End The Climate Culture Wars

I don’t know this lady but she seems to be doing something good. (via Popular Science)

Thought: Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Don’t forget to check out Kara Walker’s incredible exhibit at the Domino Sugar Factory today, it’s the last day you’ll see it, forever.

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