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The Problem With American Soccer Fans

With the World Cup in full swing it seems like the rest of the world isn’t too happy about us. And by us I mean U.S. I go both ways on this, the United States is too overzealous too infrequently for anyone to think we should sit at the real football (theirs not ours) fan table, but I understand the enthusiasm. Like everyone else in the country I’m rooting for the USMNT (US Mutant Ninja Turtles?) to beat Portugal today. I’m rooting hard, I’m just not dressed up like George Washington… (via The WSJ)

Dave Chappelle Makes the Case for High Marginal Tax Rates

Dave Chappelle and raising taxes people that make just as much money as he does? I’m in. Pretty much anything Chappelle I’m in. (via The New York Times)

Boom or hype? The truth about menswear

Please don’t tell me the truth about menswear. I don’t want to know. Ever. We’ll just buy our way out of this national malaise like we always do. Don’t tell me anything differently. (via the Financial Times)

Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy

The reason we do this is because we’ve been taught that you can’t get anywhere in life if you sleep 8 hours a day, relax, take a nap, or aren’t working 24/7. And this is not even to¬†excel in life, this is just to stay above water. You can blame our parents and everyone around you for this. Thanks everyone. (via Harvard Business Review)

Thought: GO U-S GO U-S GO! I hope by the end of today we’re not staring down the double barreled shotgun that is Germany needing a win to qualify. Win today, rest tomorrow.

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