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Here are the things you should know from last week.

Study: Opportunities in Young Adulthood Linked to Later Narcissism

An overabundance of good luck and opportunities as early as adolescence turns more people into narcissists later in life. The recession has impacted the psyches of everyone who’s come of age in this job market for the worse, we’ve expected to get less because there is less to go around. Those who came of age pre-crash are more likely to be narcissists and expect more from pretty much everyone. The good thing is when you think that way you get more, the bad thing is, you’re probably an asshole. (via The Atlantic)


“It may be one thing for the rich to drive better cars; it would be another to divide public roads between rich and poor, ostensibly to avoid “congestion.” (via The New Yorker)

Google Hires Fashion Expert Ivy Ross To Head Glass

It looks like Google has it’s sights firmly set on the #menswear and #fashion set. With the hiring of Ivy Ross, former exec. at Calvin Klein, Mattel, Swatch, Gap, Coach, etc., Google will try and put wearable tech into the hands of the tastemakers. I’m not sure it will become “trendy” until it becomes less gigantic, and realistically, much cheaper. There are two things holding it back, the $1500 price tag, and the fact it makes you look like you’re part of the Borg. One of those issues has to go. (via Fast Company)

Thought: Make sure to check out the last day of the Sharp event by Esquire. Yours truly will be there later, more info here.

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