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Happy Mother’s Day.

And now, all the links to worth reading.

Met Gala Red Carpet 2014

Because it happened, and it’s mostly pictures of beautiful people in custom made formalwear. (via the New York Times)

Actor Zachary Quinto on the Two Life-Changing Weeks He Spent in Peru Doing Ayahuasca

Speaking of celebrities, a Q&A with the new Dr. Spock from Star Trek on how he went to Peru to try the tea form of DMT and trip balls have a deeply spiritual experience. These Ayahuasca trips are nothing new and the healing, both physically, mentally, and spiritually from using this form of medicine is well documented. So… Mr. Quinto, exactly where did you go again? (via Details)

De Blasio Unveils 10-Year, $41B Affordable Housing Plan

The new mayor shows us he’s not a blood sucking 1%er by unveiling a 10 year plan to let normal people live in Brooklyn (or anywhere remotely close to a subway station) again. Now we’ll see if Bloomie’s damage is too great, because at this rate we’ll be paying $14.50 for a Latté in Bed-Stuy by 2016. (via Curbed)

Time To Change The Economics Of The War On Drugs

Usually when five Nobel Laureates and noted experts on the subject agree that everything is not working with regards to said subject, it’s time for a change. But not this subject, not the sacred “war on drugs”. The international treaty that demands every country ban recreational drugs, enacted in 1909, is governing how our nation deals with this issue today. If that sounds outdated, that’s because it is. If it sounds stupid, that’s because it is. But for people actually “fighting” this war, it is a black and white issue. They’re using napalm to kill rats and incarcerating an entire generation of people while empowering the illegal trade they’re trying to stop. If that sounds bad, that’s because it is, and we’ve allowed this to happen since 1909. (via Forbes)

Huge coalition led by Amazon, Microsoft, and others take a stand against FCC on net neutrality

The net neutrality issue has become a grassroots movement with some big backers. There is a campout at the FCC in DC right now, this letter, another letter with powerful venture capitalists, and a petition with over 1 million signatures, all denouncing the proposed pay for play system that the FCC has championed. Let’s be honest, it’s a double dip price gouge by the cable companies. We pay to use the Internet, the federal government subsidized the building and development of the infrastructure and now those companies are using that infrastructure to squeeze content providers for more money. They’ve failed to realize that without those content providers THERE WOULD BE NO REASON TO USE THE INTERNET. And the kicker is, if net neutrality dies, there will be no fast lane. There will only be a lane as fast as it is right now and everything else will get slower, resulting in big cable getting a lot more money. We should all remember this, we should all remember how these companies wanted to deliberately harm their own customers. (via The Verge)

Thought: I love you, mom.

Don’t forget to check out the Pop Up Flea today after you’ve done your appropriate Mother’s day celebrating.

And I’m back, read the first post, post-hiatus here.

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