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Luxury Brands Are Targeting Global Yummies: Young Urban Males

In possibly the most depressing creation of a word to describe a man ever, the “Yummy” has arrived. Characterized by tech-savvy male twentysomethings who buy their self confidence in the form of designer clothing, they are the latest targets of the Luxury fashion world. I can not stress to you enough how much you do not want to be a “Yummy”. (via Business Week)


A frank and fascinating look at the last 20+ years of hip hop with one of the genres most defining groups. I remember the first time I heard this song. That’s how important it was. (via Esquire)

Getting Ebony to Apologize for Racism Won’t Get the GOP More Black Voters

In the “no sh*t” moment of the week. (via The Wire)

How Facebook’s Machines Got So Good At Recognizing Your Face

Facebook’s new “research project” called DeepFace is just as accurate at facial recognition as you are. Pulling from over 4 million photographs it can, with 97% accuracy, recognize faces regardless of lighting, position, haircuts, and age. How long before the NSA comes knocking? (via Fast Company)

Thought: I’ve been committing tissue genocide since last Thursday. This #blows.

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