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Gérard de Villiers, 83, French Spy Writer, Dies

I started writing this post yesterday, when Gérard de Villiers was alive. The Times story (below) so captivated me back in February that I wanted to share it with you. However this will also serve as a remembrance (above), de Villiers passed away yesterday from cancer. (via NY Times)

The Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much

One of the most fascinating articles I’ve read this year. Gérard de Villiers (pictured) is a French Spy Novelist whom real-life spies divulge their secrets. These real life missions make up the bulk of his plot lines, where he describes the clandestine with chilling accuracy. No matter what you think of his politics, the man is fascinating. His Malko novels (all in French) play out on a global stage, many of them, before the events themselves take place. Everyone wants to be a famous, even spies. (via NY Times)

Selectism Guide to Vintage Menswear Shopping in Paris

Speaking of France, Selectism brings us this guide to vintage menswear shopping in Paris. I’m not sure if it’s because at this point last year I’d just returned from my second trip to France but I’m feeling a bit nostalgique.

Are Men More Obsessed with ‘Having It All’ Than Women Are?

More men include “a strong, loving marriage” in their definition of “having it all” than women. Apparently men have a more specific and simpler definition of success, as women seem to have more fluid goals, due to the additional hurdles women face socially and economically. (via The Atlantic Wire)

Ashley Madison: Online Married Ladies Seek Immediate Offline Boinking*

This may be why so many men are valuing “a strong, loving marriage”. As opportunities grow for women economically and socially it seems that power-playing women are also playing Don Draper. No surprise there; one intrepid (and taken) GQ journalist investigates. (via GQ)

Thought: It’s Movember, that used to mean not shaving at all but apparently it’s okay to maintain a well-groomed mustache. Act accordingly gents, grow a ‘stache for testicular and colon cancer awareness. No matter how bad it looks, you will be forgiven, good cause and all.

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