Lazy Sundays


Google’s Robotic Army Illustration by Paul Lachine


The links of great interest from the past week. Read on.

Google Glass wearer attacked in San Francisco and accused of “killing” the city

This woman was yelled at in a bar for wearing Google Glass, so naturally, she decided to turn it on and record what was happening. Then it was snatched off of her head and walked outside, she retrieved the device and says she was the victim of a hate crime for wearing it. Apparently the definition of “hate crime” has expanded conveniently since the last time something truly atrocious happened. Seriously? Hate crime? (via Dezeen)

Why Is Google Building A Robot Army?

Speaking of the company that lords over the entire digital world, it seems they are hell bent on lording over the physical world as well. A brief synopsis of what each robotics company that Google recently acquired does, and why it’s a big deal for the field. Terminators are obviously their next project. Save us John Connor. (via Popular Science)


Doing Laundry is the worst. It’s expensive, in either time wasted or actual money. If this Brooklyn app changes the landscape even a little, I will be grateful for it. Anything to take the sting out the most hated chore in urban life. (via Fast Company)

An Outsider’s Guide to the Lil B–Kevin Durant Beef

This is kind of hilarious. That is all. (via Grantland)

Thought: I watched 12 Years a Slave last night, what a great and terrible movie. Hard and important to watch.

Don’t forget to check out last Friday’s tip and the rest of the content from last week. Especially the second hommeschooled photo shoot from last Monday.

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