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This feels like the earliest Lazy Sundays of the year. Springing forward and whatnot. Here’s all the knowledge you need for Monday.


This is both hilarious and heartbreaking. T-Pain has become a caricature of himself, and while normally I don’t feel bad for rich people, his kind of sadness is what normal 28 year olds who were once cool, and now aren’t, feel. It’s at least 50% hilarious still. (via the New Yorker)

Basquiat’s siblings file $1 million lawsuit against Christie’s, claiming auction house is selling phony works of the artist

Ex-girlfriend’s. Generally undesirable, even after your death. Since we just profiled Jean-Michel Basquiat’s style, Alexis Adler, one of Basquiat’s ex-lover’s is ready to sell a few (50!) original Basquiat’s at a Christie’s auction later this month. However, she failed to have many authenticated or even submitted for authentication because, as the lawsuit from Basquiat’s estate claims, she knows they are fake. Some of his paintings have fetched $48m at auction. As a general rule, take all your things when you leave your ex’s house, you may find them on Ebay, or if you’re famous, Christie’s. (via The Daily News)

Weirdly, Italy Doesn’t Want Gun Manufacturers Using Its Works of Art in Ads

I don’t generally see a lot of gun advertisements. This is New York, this is not ‘Nam, there are rules. But, shockingly, Italy does not want it’s priceless works of art posing with American guns in their advertising campaigns. Don’t get caught up in insanity that is comparing Michelangelo’s David with an assault rifle, actually, get caught up in that insanity. Because it’s insane. (via The Wire)

The AIDS Cure

This has been going on far too long. The “Berlin Patient”, the first documented cure of AIDS in a human, ever, has given renewed hope to the medical community. Now, they don’t have to search for ways to inhibit the virus, they are actively seeking ways to destroy it entirely. AIDS lies dormant in patients for months, if not years, and up until recently, researchers have had an impossible time trying to find and destroy the dormant virus once it’s inside the body. This case, and new research, is now making the impossible, doable. I know it’s hard, but it’s about time. (via Popular Science)

The New York Knicks: It’s the Hope That Kills You in the End

The entire concept of being a sports fan is pretty crazy. “True” fans, stick with their team no matter what, but that goes against every other rational line of thinking in your head. I don’t buy anything as sh*tty as the Knicks. So why do I continue to buy them when they are clearly headed for Chicago Cubs levels of futility? I’m not actually sure, but I can tell you this, as long as James Dolan owns that team there will be no basketball parades in this city. He’s worthless. (via Grantland)
Thought: Lupita Nyong’o. That is all.
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