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Links for your Sunday. Celebrate vigorously.

To Meet: PopGun’s Jake Rosenthal and Rami Haykal

Glasslands Gallery is a beauty of a space on the Williamsburg waterfront. Excellent sound, drink, and surprisingly, bathrooms. Meet the owners  of the DIY space Jake and Rami, always finding the best new music to bring to New York from around the world. Inspiring hustle. Well done gents, I’ll be back soon. (via Warby Parker)

“It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Design Bubble Bursts”

Designers are now thought to be essential in solving the entire world’s problems. When something doesn’t work correctly it’s because it wasn’t designed correctly. Famed German writer and initiator in the field of design, Lucas Verweij argues that the discipline can not possibly keep up with the world’s demands. The bubble will burst, to what end? (via Dezeen)

Writers and Rum

Writing is hard work. It’s not heavy work, punishing work, uncomfortable work (not usually), but it is exhausting, unenjoyable work. “A writer, on the other hand, stares out mournfully over the abyss of language—there are, truly, an infinite number of ways of forming the sentence you are about to attempt, all save one of them ugly and inadequate.” After that, it’s usually time for a drink. (via The New Yorker)

Another Effect Of Racism: Accelerated Aging

Black men (we can assume women, and other races as well) experience racism at a biological level. A new research study by the University of Maryland reports that the effects of racism can be seen down to individual cells and that black men who have reported being discriminated against, in a host of environments, have an accelerated rate of cellular and thus physical aging. Great… (via Popular Science)

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over

People feel emotions universally in the same places on their body across cultures. Explaining the age old “sick to my stomach”, “butterflies”, “steam from ears” things that we’ve all known our whole lives. (via NPR)

Thought: The week started off at 9° and ended in the mid fifties. Okay Mother Nature, you win.

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