Late Afternoon Delight


By: Snax

Memorial Day is unofficially the official start of summer. This week’s post is dedicated to, what will most likely be, the first of several devoted to cool drinks.

After what was supposed to be a half-day at work, I made my way to DUMBO to meet up with some friends. We chose Jacques Torres, the first retail space opened by the famed chocolatier and pastry chef.


The deliciousness that is Jacques Torres was not unfamiliar to me. I have had his cookies and wicked hot chocolate many times. However on this day, I had my heart set on the $6 ice cream sandwich, but it wasn’t meant to be.

After sampling my friend’s frozen hot chocolate all previous thoughts of the ice cream sandwich were abandoned… until my next visit that is.


The frozen hot chocolate ($4.50/16oz.) is incredibly rich and easily serves two. Ice is added to a pre-chilled version of their signature hot chocolate, which has a pudding-like consistency. They use about 60-70% dark chocolate, the result is a smooth, extremely decadent frozen treat. The ice doesn’t water down the chocolatey flavor or turn it into a slushy mess. I couldn’t finish mine so I held on to it as I walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park. When I arrived home, I put it in the refrigerator. The next day it slightly thinner but just as good as the first sip. Throw a little protein powder in there and you’d have the breakfast of champions.

If you love chocolate, this is absolutely the drink for you.

Find it here.

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