Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

Kai D. Williamsburg


You’ll need to dress well in 2014, too.

Welcome back.

Since it’s the first Monday of the new year let me introduce a store that’ll help with that “well dressed” part. Kai D. Utility re-opened their doors last month, in Williamsburg.

Now you may not be familiar with Kai D. Utility but they have been crafting exquisitely detailed menswear since 2009. Previously a rare find in select boutiques around the world, they’ve established a new flagship store in Brooklyn. Kai D. Fan, the founder and designer, is a good friend of hommeschooled and invited me to take a look.

Kai D. Tools & Clothing for Artisans

230 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (347) 765 2204

Beautiful full view of the Kai D. Store in Williamsburg. The vintage sign has moved from his previous store in the LES to the new digs in Williamsburg. Beautifully lit, an Edison bulb chandelier glows from the ceilings center while two rows of globe lights, with their top halves spray painted black, direct light downward and evenly diffuse it across the ornate ceiling.

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When you take a step inside the glowing 230 Grand Street storefront you’ll experience a space that’s unique. Part vintage and part modern, just like the Kai D. collection. It’s excellently lit, brimming with character, and has a very welcoming vibe (I only invite you to nice places). There are so many things to discover, the furnishings as much as the clothing, beg to be studied. Kai is a benevolent perfectionist and it definitely shows in his work.

The smartly designed store also boasts a tightly curated selection of other goods. Merchant Mills, Field Notes, Plumen, Brooklyn Grooming, P.F. Candle Co., Tatine, and a selection from Kajal London, all line the shop. Many vintage items are also for sale. You can buy a hatchet there. But let’s move onto that “well dressed” part.

Kai D. Utility

The entire Kai D. Utility collection is displayed at their flagship.

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Kai D. Utility is meticulously crafted in the historic Garment District using the finest materials from Italy, Japan, and the USA. Kai prides himself on utilitarian details and he designs subtle, precise elements into his garments. By drawing on his own vast collection of vintage clothing for research, these subtle elements create entirely modern renditions based on successful details from the past. The fit is modern, slim, masculine. It is just fitted enough to be at once comfortable, and tailored. Otherwise known as, “the sweet spot”.

You should pay special attention to the outerwear and certainly try it on. The magic is on the inside. It’s in the balance, and how the garment lays on the body. Trying on beautiful clothing is somewhat of a specialty of yours anyway.

You can find Kai D. Utility’s official site here.

5 thoughts on “Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

  1. Great review. I’m already a Kai D. fan but wanted to say you captured his design and aesthetic perfectly in your post. Glad to hear more and more people are discovering this wonderful hidden treasure for menswear.

  2. So impressed to see Kai snap up such a gem of a space on Grand Street, what a perfect fit for the brand. Place was buzzing when I was in there during the holidays, a brilliant mix of locals along with the new williamsberg ‘hunting for made-in-nyc’ tourists!

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