It Must Be the Shoes

Quoddy Trunk Show at Leffot

Quoddy Swatches


Look down. Look at your shoes. Serviceable, they got you to wherever you are pretty fine, but let’s imagine that you may want something a little more “moccasin-ier”. For instance, a handmade piece of art for your feet.

On Saturday, Quoddy had it’s first trunk show ever. I’ll let that sink in… Ever.

They brought all of their painstakingly hand crafted, moccasin constructed shoes from Maine to Leffot. And it was glorious. 

How glorious? I discussed exactly that with their VP on hand, Jon Bergman.

First of all, each pair is entirely handmade in their Maine factory, which means a person with tools (they have about 30 employees) creates each one. Quoddy has a unique moccasin construction method that allows your feet to flex naturally, enveloping them in buttery soft leather and giving your toes the room they always deserved. Quoddy also owns one of the two machines in the country (no one knows what happened to the other one) that allows a craftsman to cut by hand, gently curved grooves into leather soles. This allows a typically stiff sole to flex and bend naturally and easily with every step you take.


And if all the exceptional materials, craftsmanship, and Maine heritage weren’t enough, they also take custom orders. Lots of them.

Stop by Leffot and pick up a pair, you may need something else to anchor your own Layering Guide. Oh, and as a general rule, everything in Leffot is good. Trust them, they won’t steer you wrong.



Quoddy x Leffot

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Have a pair? Stopped by the trunk show? Leave something in the comments section, let me know.

4 thoughts on “It Must Be the Shoes

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