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When I travel internationally I always welcome any itinerary that takes me to Heathrow in London. Security is a beast and navigating the airport when trying to make a flight can be a harrowing experience, but I love it. The chaos is invigorating.

One of my favorite stops at Heathrow is the Boots Pharmacy, a UK-based drugstore chain. When I’m in London, I always make time for a Boots visit to peruse the shelves for items not available in the U.S. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten or want to get more of, I can usually get it at the Boots in the airport.

Alongside the standard drugstore fare, Boots has a fantastic refrigerated food section. Another reason to love it. Airlines aren’t know for their high quality food, so it may be necessary to bring some snacks with you to supplement or replace the lackluster in-flight meals. Boots is the perfect place to pick up inexpensive, fresh food. Sandwiches, salads, juices… anything you need for a transatlantic flight, especially when you don’t want to break the bank, which is easy to do with the GBP.

Sugar addict that I am, my eyes immediately went to the sweet treats, the carrot cake to be exact. It was named perfectly, “Delicious: Created for food lovers exclusively by Boots. Handcrafted Carrot Cake”. Everything I needed to know was in the title, which it more than lived up to. I had two at the beginning of my trip and vowed to return to the US with a bag full of them. Since there was none to be found at my first stop in London it looked like my carrot cake stockpile wasn’t meant to be. Luckily for me, there was a Boots with five carrot cakes left right outside my gate. I only took four since gluttony is a sin and the good samaritan in me wanted to leave one behind for someone else to discover.


Full Disclosure: I only have two left, which is why you’re not seeing an open package…

The carrot cake is a dream. It tastes like something out of your favorite aunt’s oven. Moist, subtly spiced with cinnamon and just the right amount of not overly-sweet cream cheese frosting. It does have nuts in it, which would normally be a thumbs down for me, but the walnut pieces are small and don’t overpower the cake.

At Heathrow there are plenty of great places to actually sit down and have a proper meal before boarding your flight but I tend to spend most of my time at the newsstand, loading up on British magazines. So when I’m feeling peckish and I want something delicious last minute I make sure to stop by Boots to get a little something to quell that hunger.

Check out Boots here!

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