Hats and Shirts to Make You Even Better Looking

Brookes Boswell Corridor Clothiers


Booze, fancy clothes, parties, the holidays are here.

Goose Barnacle, purveyor of exquisite things, hosted two new brands at their holiday party last Thursday. Brookes Boswell, a milliner, for all of your proper hat needs and Corridor Clothiers, shirtmaker, for all of your well fitting shirt needs. Extreme merriment ensued.

During said merriment I discussed both labels at length with their owners and watched as their products performed in the wild. Both brands are made in New York, Corridor in NYC and Brookes in Brooklyn. After observing the crowd, keen analysis told me that the attendees liked them, they liked them a lot.

Brookes Boswell

Brookes Boswell9

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Brookes Boswell launched her eponymous line in 2009 and has been making incredible made to measure headwear ever since. Now, I understand real hats could be a bit of a concern. Let’s alleviate those concerns with a few words, made to measure, options, and stunning.

Everyone should have a hat, but not just any hat, a hand blocked rabbit fur felt number from Brookes Boswell. Brookes delivers an impressive collection for the season from her studio in Brooklyn. She makes each hat by hand, and while the process is labor intensive she also maintains a wide range of options. Along with the standard sizing, each model can be custom made to ensure a perfect fit and unique details. You can have tons of different color options, brim widths, crown heights, and trim by dropping by her studio for an appointment. Excellent stock choices are also available on her website but who knows, maybe bespoke headwear will be your thing in 2014?

You can find Brookes Boswell here.

Corridor Clothiers

Corridor Clothiers4

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Corridor Clothiers is a brand new shirting label dedicated to making perfectly fitting shirts in excellent fabrics with uncompromising construction. When founder Dan Snyder unearthed a three-paneled shirt pattern from the 1950s, updated it, and began making it for himself, everyone else seemed to notice.

The third panel of fabric situated under the left shoulder does the trick. It allows for movement and supremely clean lines across the shoulders and through the torso since there is no darting and no box pleat. The shirt moves and lays perfectly across the body, not in spite of, but because of the additional seam. I saw no less than four men with wildly differing body shapes, all fit perfectly into Dan’s shirts. Most of them were murmuring “this never happens…”

You can find Corridor Clothiers here.

If you’re still unsure about wearing a proper hat, like anything else it takes practice. Consult the Style Equation on how to get comfortable wearing one, you shouldn’t need any practice wearing a shirt.

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