Frank & Dean & Sammy & Peter & Joey.

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There are coffee table books, and then there are coffee table booksThis is the latter.

A book so legendary, that other venerable books (magazines) needed to celebrate it’s release last Thursday. Spoiler alert: it’s about the Rat Pack; and Paul Stuart held a party co-hosted by Esquire Magazine to display it’s magnificence. Naturally Hommeschooled was in attendance.

The Rat Pack Cover

Click Image for a Look Inside

What you’ll find here is nearly 450 pages of the most brilliant shots of the greatest tuxedo wearers of all time. And at over $2 per page the hostesses turned those pages in white gloves. You can see Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, and Joey in all of their glory, drinking, smoking, and entertaining (sometimes with Marilyn Monroe). However you’ve never seen them like this before. Two of their closest photographers, Sid Avery and Bob Willoughby, had so many unseen photos that a large number had gone undeveloped. You can take a look for only $950.

As for the event itself, it went as expected. The lovely Deana Martin sang a few numbers, the bar was open, the martinis were plentiful, the men were dapper, the women were beautiful, and yours truly was enjoying the show.

And if you’ve never been to Paul Stuart on Madison Avenue in New York City and you care about clothing, you owe it to yourself to go before you die. It was founded in 1938 and is simply one of the best retail stores for classic luxury goods in the world. Now, I have not been to every retail store in the world, but I will take my chances with that statement.

if you were at the party or are a fan of the Rat Pack, leave a comment below. In the meantime check out the slide show and head over to the Reel Art Press to be one of 2000 to own the most impressive coffee table book of all time.

If you’ve got more coffee than table I’ll preview a few, ahem… less expensive coffee table books tomorrow.

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