Dining Room: Under Construction


By: Dale

It’s been a year since I’ve moved into my new apartment and now I remember how hard it is to turn a house into a home. It’s been slow, but it’s about to get real.

After figuring out how to never put my shoes on standing up ever again, the next room we needed to tackle was the dining room. The space behind our couch we initially envisioned as an office, so she could do real people work and I could talk to all of you on the innanets — but the location, lack of door, and flow of the space made it more useful as a dining room. But neither of us had a dining room before, or an actual dining table to fill it with… 


The space is not quite done, but we’ve created a new focal point of our home.

However, it wasn’t easy, the first challenge was realizing I wasn’t the only person using the room. These were the first major design decisions I’d have to make while consulting another (very opinionated) human being. The room is still a work in progress, but it helped that there were a few things we agreed on off the bat.

For starters, our apartment has many turn of the century wood details. The walls have molding, there are original wood floors while original wood columns were kept intact. We needed to use those elements, if we ignored them the space might feel too busy. We settled on a tried and true mid-century modern approach, using warm woods and classic lines.

Crest Bentwood Chair

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So far in the dining room we went almost entirely with West Elm for their inspired modern renditions of classic pieces. You can clearly see the Eames influence in our four Crest Bentwood Chairs. The Jensen Dining Table (which can double as a very impressive desk down the road) is a more geometric version of the flowing organic Adrian Pearsall designs, and two Gaston wing chairs help complete the midcentury feel. The table accessories set a calm mood with organic shapes like the napkin holder and a gentle glow with tea light holders.


The lone piece of art at the moment is a framed photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge, reminding me of my first little apartment in Brooklyn.

While the room is coming along and has already seen a “soft opening” party, we still have some work to do. We’d like break up the white walls with some painted accent colors to act as natural backgrounds for additional art that we’ll hang in each of the molding sections. We’re also looking for a vibrant rug that grounds and ties the room together. Since our table is glass there are many more opportunities for an eye-catching rug to incorporate some of the future wall colors to complete the room. Lastly I’d like to add a trio of Philips Hue lights to the overhead fixture so I could dim and change the color on command.

Soon I’ll be able to show you the rest, but just like everything else, it’s a work in progress…

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