Corridor Expands


By: Dale

It’s been a few short years since Dan Snyder launched Corridor Clothiers. Since then, he’s grown the brand, appeared in Japanese fashion magazines, and has retailers numbering in the forties. Not bad for a few years.

I caught up with him at the Pop Up Flea earlier this year to discuss a few of his new offerings, of which, there are many. 


Of course he’s been perfecting his shirting and growing his brand but he’s also added new styles, fabrics, and converted men, shirt by impeccably tailored shirt, who didn’t think something off the rack could possibly fit that well (me included).

However, for this new season he’s really branched out. Still rooted in heritage, now Corridor offers soft shouldered jackets, cotton twill trousers, ties, and an Army Green Overshirt that got rave reviews from the hommeschooled staff.

The fit and fabric are still key and they’re one of the few brands that will give you an extreme close up of their materials on their website. But since they’ve expanded their range, they’ve created longer forms while still keeping true to their tailored lineage.


Dan knows his customers, he’s designed his unfussy jackets with a soft shoulder, to be as easy to throw on with jeans as it is to wear to a Michelin Starred restaurant. The jacket’s body is unlined and the donegal fabric is impeccable. Of course he didn’t stop there, he wanted the modern New Yorker to be able to shop for his entire wardrobe at Corridor without the look feeling forced. His trousers are a thing of beauty. Constructed with the same meticulous attention to detail that Corridor is known for, they feature functional side tabs and multiple fits, rare for a brand of this size.



All of this sartorial brilliance is priced extremely reasonably and he still manages, somehow, to manufacture everything right here in NYC’s famed garment district. You don’t find this type of perfection very often.

You can get Corridor’s entire Fall Winter 2015 line here.

Oh, and it’s 20% off today with the code CYBERMONDAY. I think you deserve it.



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