Apple Raisin Perfection


By: Snax

My food talks to me and I talk to it. Once, I spoke so lovingly to a bottle of iced tea that the person beside me thought I was talking to another human being. To be fair, it had been awhile since I’d had that particular brand of iced tea. I’m serious about food, liquid or otherwise. I have been known to give very specific instructions to cashiers about which item I’d like to purchase, “I’ll take the third one to the left, thank you very much”. This particular skill set and willingness to irritate people in the name of deliciousness is why Dale asked me to write about what I like to eat.

But I found myself in a quandary. How do I choose? Which item deserves the honor of being my first? Continue reading

Welcome to The Fare


I can hardly believe it, Hommeschooled turns one today!

I’d like to thank my loyal readers, none of this would be possible, or worth it, without you.

But now that Hommeschooled is one year old, moving around on it’s own and eating solid foods, it’s time to expand my vision. The first brand new section of the site is near and dear to my heart and will launch today, it’s focused on incredibly delicious things.

Welcome to The Fare. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Steak Dinner

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You don’t win Valentine’s Day with a dinner reservation. Sure you could go to Wolfgang’s or The Palm or Peter Luger’s but there’s no effort in that (and they’re probably booked by now anyway). You might as well call a reservation “Tuesday” instead of “Valentine’s Day”.

As we went over yesterday what you need are ideas, not just gifts. Making dinner is an idea, a reservation is a thing. Obviously, you’ll make a porterhouse. Continue reading