The Lunch Crunch


By: Snax

Lunch is hard.

Where should you go? What should you to eat? Questions that need to be answered quickly usually eat up your lunch hour, assuming you have one.

Chopped salads, fast food, Korean BBQ, and street meat are all decent options that grow tiresome. Finding the right meal that will get you through the remaining hours of your work day is essential. Continue reading

International Snax


By: Snax

When I travel internationally I always welcome any itinerary that takes me to Heathrow in London. Security is a beast and navigating the airport when trying to make a flight can be a harrowing experience, but I love it. The chaos is invigorating.

One of my favorite stops at Heathrow is the Boots Pharmacy, a UK-based drugstore chain. When I’m in London, I always make time for a Boots visit to peruse the shelves for items not available in the U.S. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten or want to get more of, I can usually get it at the Boots in the airport. Continue reading

Late Afternoon Delight


By: Snax

Memorial Day is unofficially the official start of summer. This week’s post is dedicated to, what will most likely be, the first of several devoted to cool drinks.

After what was supposed to be a half-day at work, I made my way to DUMBO to meet up with some friends. We chose Jacques Torres, the first retail space opened by the famed chocolatier and pastry chef. Continue reading

When Your Mouth is Bored…

20150426-photo 3-2

By: Snax

Photography: Dale (Pics are from my falafel, Snax devoured hers before I got photos)

I’ve been eating “clean” for about two weeks, which for me, can mean a variety of different things. Right now, it means significantly reducing the amount of sugar and carbs that I typically mainline on a daily basis.

This week, I reached my limit. Don’t get me wrong, eating clean is great, but when I have to prepare everything myself and then it doesn’t look or taste like something out of the pages of Bon Appetit or Gourmet magazine, I rapidly lose interest.

I desired a taste explosion. I wanted something that was delicious and filling, but still relatively healthy so a cheeseburger deluxe was out of the question…

My first thought was falafel.
Continue reading

Pint of Happiness


By: Snax

After a particularly long day I like to mellow out with California’s finest, and often I get a taste for something delicious. Usually it’s something salty and sweet. It could be buttered toast, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, pita chips, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading