Camel Colored Spring

Photos by Celton Agpoon


Navy blazers, wear them if you want.

Navy is good, it’s fine, practical.

It’s also expected, and if you’re not careful, boring. Let me introduce you to another option. A softer, thermostatic option; a luxurious option that exudes sartorial triumph. It’s made from camel hair. And a camel hair sport coat will be your new go-to for Spring.

Camel hair sport coat by Billy Reid, Shirt by Hamilton 1883, Sweater by Banana Republic, Trousers by Black Fleece, Belt by Tanner Goods.

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It also works in Fall, but this fabric has properties that perform just as well when it’s warmer, too. Camel hair, unlike moleskin, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the actual molted or sheared hair of the Bactrian Camel. The extremely soft pure undercoat of the camel is woven into a luxurious cloth with thermostatic properties. Meaning it keeps the camel warm in the mountains and cool in the desert. It will do the same for you. It’s an ideal weight for Spring at roughly half the weight of a wool sport coat and just as soft as a cashmere version. Many labels (Billy Reid, J. Crew, Ami, Paul Smith) have revitalized both the signature color and the fabric itself, but it remains vastly underutilized by customers.

Maybe people haven’t gotten over the conservative image of the fabric. They still see giant lapels, red sweaters, and slouchy shouldered jackets when they think of camel hair. However, designers have updated them and turned out some beautiful examples over the past few years.

But the coup de grâce of camel hair is it’s color. The versatility of this particular shade of brown is unmatched. You can wear any color with camel and look like a genius. If I told you, camel, royal purple, camouflage, flannel grey, navy blue, caramel, and black would go together in one ensemble you’d think I’d finally lost it. But the evidence is above. It would look just as well with jeans, or a grey sweatshirt, or nearly anything you have in your wardrobe. It can pull together disparate pieces, as I did, or you can use it to anchor a more subtle look. It can be deployed to dress up a casual kit as well. Sneakers would be no problem, along with sweatshirts or pants, or chinos. Almost anything can be worn with a camel hair sport coat and look better than it did without it.

And for the diehard navy wearers the camel colored blazer means you can still wear something else that’s navy, with it. It saves the precious navy blue for another piece in your ensemble. Use a navy vest, shirt, sweater, tie or anything else under it. You get the picture.

Of course all of this versatile sexiness doesn’t come cheap, this is more of an investment piece. But since it is underutilized you may get lucky on the sales rack. Or you could opt for a wool version in a camel color, but you’ll overheat in late Spring. If you can pull the trigger on this versatile piece, don’t hesitate.

It’s pretty idiot proof, go wild.

This jacket had the waist aggressively suppressed, if you need tailoring help check out my guide here.

To see the first hommeschooled photo shoot, also by Mr. Agpoon, click here.

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