Brooklyn Stand Up: Shop Guide

Schott A2 Jacket at Smith and Butler


It’s time we took a stroll.

Let’s head to all the blog-worthy men’s shops right over the bridge in Downtown Brooklyn (yes, I call all of this Downtown Brooklyn) and preview the best of their Fall/Winter 2013 menswear. All of these shops have been here well before ahem… LuluLemon and these are my favorite pieces from all the incoming collections. All stocked locally. Brooklyn stand up.

Without further adieu, in the order that I visit them…

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.

77 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (347) 763-1963

Apolis Scarves at Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co

More that just Hatchets, this unique newcomer on the corner of Hicks St. and Atlantic Ave will outfit you with all the luxe camping supplies (Snow Peak) you require the next time you want to see more nature than the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It carries a nice selection of menswear and footwear as well. You’ll find Danner Boots, Levi’s, Arc’teryx, Woolrich, Pendleton, and an interesting assortment of grooming products all related to the great outdoors. You can also spy a great selection of scarves from menswear darling and clothing company do-gooder Apolis. I’ll buy anything for charity.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.

Goose Barnacle

91 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY ‎(718) 855-2694

Orley Gloves at Goose Barnacle

A few doors down at 91 Atlantic Ave. Goose Barnacle brings a smartly curated selection of hard to find European brands. Orley, Soulland, Our Legacy, SSAP, and other niche labels are artfully displayed next to Persol frames, candles, and grooming products. An excellent selection of wearable outerwear and some quirkiness to boot. Orley sweaters are due to hit the shop in a few weeks and if the gloves are any indication, they’ll be spectacular. It’s complete and utter dapperness mixed with a fashion forward aesthetic and local charm, there isn’t much not to love about GB. Say hi to their Beta Fish, “Tuna”, when you stop by.

Goose Barnacle

Smith and Butler Bklyn NY

249 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Woolrich Varsity Jacket at Smith and Butler

On the corner of, you guessed it, Smith St .and Butler St. sits this local staple. Within the split level space you can find a mix of motorcycles (for sale), menswear, grooming, and curated vintage gear as well. Engineered Garments, Schott, and Woolrich are all present as well as some other hard to find Japanese and American made brands. The back of the store is always an interesting pop-up shop, I’ve discovered many smaller labels, as well as offshoots of larger labels, back there. Stop by, just don’t try and ride the motorcycles…

Smith + Butler


231 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 522-3800

Epaulet Tweed Sport Coat

One of the heavy hitters in the local menswear scene, Epaulet sits a few doors down at 231 Smith St. A wallet destroying mix of classic sportswear, tailoring, footwear, and one-of-a-kind collaborations have earned Epaulet lots of fanfare and for good reason. Their house label simply can not be beat. You will not find a better mix of contemporary styling, unique materials, and mastery of the slim fit, for your money. They stock an assortment of other brands, Alden, L.B.M. 1911, and a wide variety fragrances from CDG, but you can’t miss with the Epaulet Rivet Chinos, cutaway collared shirts, and Carmina collaboration footwear. Oh, and this is the original location.


The Brooklyn Circus

150 Nevins St., Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 858-0919

Wool Trousers at The Brooklyn Circus

A bit further east but definitely worth the walk, The Brooklyn Circus resides at 150 Nevins St. With a focus on updating vintage styles, their own house line is impeccable. Think slim fitting trousers with cargo pockets, custom Ebbets Field caps, the legendary Brooklyn Circus Varsity Jacket and you’ll get the picture. They also stock a selection of specialty brands, Sir & Madame from Chicago, Wolverine 1000 Mile collection, and some smart collaborations. There also isn’t a cooler store to hang out in, with reggae music always playing and a welcoming neighborhood vibe, The Brooklyn Circus is big in Japan, let them know you got it right here.

The Brooklyn Circus

Looking for furniture? Make sure to check out the best furniture, antiques, and curiosities the area has to offer here.Did I leave your favorite shop out? Show it some love in the comments.

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