Brooklyn Housewear: Shop Guide

Hollander and Lexer1


After last week’s Brooklyn menswear roundup it’s only right that I take you around to the interesting furniture and housewear (hashtag pending) shops along Atlantic Avenue. Now by all means, this is not a complete list. I’m going to update this list in the coming weeks as certain shops were closed as your humble blogger trudged out in the rain.

But without further adieu, let’s take another stroll.

Sterling Place

363 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 Tel: 718-797-5667
Sterling Place3

This curious cross between an antique shop and a gift shop is nestled between Hoyt and Bond on Atlantic. This is a key stop along Atlantic since, like most of the stores, it has an ever-changing array of vintage finds. It stocks furniture but it’s more about the odd gifts and curiosities here. You’ll find old with the new, vintage fencing masks (foils included), clocks, and lamps, mixed with new Schott Zwiesel glassware, “candles by the hour”, and safety razors. I’ve coveted a few of the Nelles Studios pieces on display. You can’t tell me you don’t need a cast-iron Ray Gun…

Sterling Place

Hollander & Lexer

369 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 Tel: 718-797-9733
Hollander and Lexer2
A few doors down, Hollander & Lexer is a cross between two shops from the same owner. The eponymous shop started across the street on the South side of Atlantic and has now moved into, and absorbed, Darr on the North side of Atlantic. This unique store has a great apothecary meets taxidermy vibe and is worth a look equally for it’s dark mysterious furnishings as well as it’s menswear. Stop by for all of your anatomy, handmade Amish soap, and preserved insect needs. Sometimes you need weird stuff. 
Hollander & Lexer

Signum Collective Art

373 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 Tel: 718-499-5058
Further down Atlantic is a design classics boutique, Signum Collective Art. All of your big names are here, from Alessi to Kartell, and other individually world renowned product designers. If you’re the “go big or go home” type you’ll want to stop in here and check out their new as well as heirloom-worthy vintage stock. The owner, Gus will point you in the right direction no matter if you’re mid-century modern or “it’s so modern I have no idea what this is”. I’d still steer clear of the Salif Juicer, no amount of Philippe Starck will make that useful…
Signum Collective Art

Bright Lyons

383 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 Tel: 718-855-5463

Bright Lyons2

Perhaps the most offbeat shop on Atlantic. Bright Lyons features some of the most surreal artwork on the Avenue. You’ll find oddities everywhere but you can also find the rare design classic in excellent vintage form. You may stumble upon a Barcelona Chair, Eames Lounger, or Saarinen table. Always worth a look to see what odd or amazing pieces you can find. Also, a great selection of vintage design books, check the bookcase in the back right corner, you’ll be sure to find something to complete your Sapien Bookcase. You do have a Sapien Bookcase, don’t you?

Bright Lyons


387 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 Tel: 718-422-8631
The most eco-friendly on this side of Atlantic, Greenhouse will have something interesting for everyone. Selling a mix of rare vintage pieces and new environmentally friendly wares, Greenhouse is an eclectic shop. They have quite a few interesting lighting pieces at the moment, vintage desk lamps, and two of the craziest Laurel Lamp Co. lamps in the shape of mushrooms I’ve ever seen. Crazy doesn’t come cheap, but don’t worry, there is also plenty of excellent bedding, soaps, and candles for you to peruse as well. Just don’t use the soap. Pay for it first.
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