A Semi-Necessary Table: Coffee Tables Part I

smart-round-marble-top-coffee-table (1)


I don’t own a coffee table, by myself it’s unnecessary. I generally eat things out of whatever container they were delivered in. Plates are for company. But the girlfriend brought up a coffee table for our next space, so… happy her, happy me, and my search began.

Once I started, I quickly realized my tastes for curved lines faded a bit. I gravitated more to geometric shapes than I usually do. They contrast nicely with most of the fluid lines I’d keep after moving. This is part 1, and as the time progresses, closer to the move I’ll reexamine them. Budget, compromise, and the space itself could remove any one of these, but to lead off, here are some exceptional hi-low coffee table options.

The Parsons Square Coffee Table with clear glass top from Crate and Barrel has a hand welded base and simple geometric lines that can center busier rooms. Sometimes simple is the best thing. $399.

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Have a favorite hi-low coffee table design? Share it with me in the comments.

Wondering how to go coffee-table-less? Check it out here.

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